Organic Bed Threads

Organic bed linen where every thread of the production story counts. 
Organic bed linen - from seed to shelf, the Organic Bed Threads range is stunningly beautiful, made from certified organic cotton and ethically produced to fair trade standards.
Organic Bed Threads is good for the planet, good for business and great for you. 
Stunning, handmade artisan organic bed linen
Our sleep is a vital part of our daily and health cycle. It's so important that we rest well. We spend one third of our life sleeping. Our quality of rejuvenation impacts our whole day. We want to be cocooned in stunning duvet, doona covers. Especially exquisite hand-made, artisan bed linen that we can admire when we wake up and for how it was created.
Only a pinkie toe print on the planet
Designer Tarsha Burn has created Organic Bed Threads range of organic bed linen to work with fair trade and sustainable business practices. From seed to shelf, Organic Bed Threads leaves only a pinkie toe, not a whole footprint, on the planet.
With eye-catching designs, Organic Bed Threads gives you the bedroom beauty you've been looking for. 
And peace inside yourself, knowing that you're not feeding the voracious sweatshop culture machine that keeps less educated and skilled people poor, overworked and exploited.
Certified organic cotton - chemical free
Cotton is one of the top three pesticide and water-hungry plants on the planet. Using certified organic cotton lessens this toxic practice and is better for the producers and for you.
Our beautiful organic bed linen costs a little more, but it's much lesser an environmental cost and a far fairer wage for those who make it.
As a planet, we can no longer afford to feed environmentally toxic, sweatshop culture - the price is too high.
So let's create more beauty together by supporting the growth of organic bed linen made ethically and sustainably, to be enjoyed by all!

With respect for people, planet and product.