The Artisans

Organic bed linen created by real artisans - the creative Organic Bed Threads team

Organic bedding takes a whole team of Hand Embroiderers, Master Wood Block Printer and Tailors to produce it.
Our collection of beautiful bed linen is made by artisans in fair trade employment conditions - not anonymous workers in a mass production assembly line like battery hens squashed tightly together in factories. You don't support factory eggs so why buy from mass production manufacturers?

A real family of artisans - that took two years to find!
The Organic Bed Threads artisans have become our family and it took a lot to find them. Two years of bumpy rickshaw rides all over India, in fact!

Skilled in age old techniques
We finally found the ideal textile manufacturer of our bed linen in the creative desert of Rajasthan, India. Here we discovered a wonderful team of talented craftspeople, skilled in the age-old handmade artisan techniques that are dying out in a world taken over by mass production.

Now we have a stunning range of organic bed linen made by seven core fulltime artisans. Our team is overseen by our 'Studio Godmother' and hand-embroiderer Lamxi, who plies us with smiles, encouragement and endless cups of chai. She is joined by Asha, Vandana, Santush, Nilofar, Vjay and Nundageshaw. At full production we have 23 artisans, eagerly employed in the creation of our bed linen products.

Who is behind the Organic Bed Threads label?
We have tailors; spinners and weavers; dye colour masters; machine embroiderers; screen printers; wood block carvers; in-studio hand embroidery ladies and a master wood block printer, who hail from a long generation of these crafts and studio coordinators and managers.

Our biggest ask of our manufacturer was to become GOTS accredited, which means being rigorously audited - so that all manufacturing practices are safe and fair. They were very willing to produce ethically.

Organic Bed Threads is committed to fair, socially responsible practices in the workplace and we do all we can in the production of our organic bed linen.

History books tell us that seamstresses have started revolutions. In 1913 New York immigrant garment workers protested against their inhumane sweatshop conditions. This sparked a huge change in labour conditions and we have, as a norm, a more equitable workplace today in the developed countries.

However, exploitative sweatshop culture in today's developing world is rampant. The sweat of millions fuels the disposable fashion and consumer culture that's everywhere.

It takes committed and aware producers and consumers. We can all create change together, despite how small the undertaking!

Meet the Core Design Team Behind Our Brand:

Women's Group of Hand EmbroiderersMaster Wood Block Printer & Tailor

Organic Bed Threads Core Artisan Team

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