Ethical BedLinen Designer

Organic bed linen by Tarsha Burn

Organic bed linen made by an artist who lives life in full colour and won't take no for an answer.
It takes a special designer to create exquisitely beautiful organic bed linen for the whole family AND to do it with social and environmental awareness.

Tarsha is one of those unstoppable, passionate creators fuelled by creative obession and driven by humanitarian intent.

She's a textile designer who has worked and trained in Australia, Turkey, Italy and India.

A dream held for 20 years
Over 20 years ago, she started designing and creating soft furnishings for the home décor market but had a dream for her own label, which she shelved for a long time. At the time, she was unaware of 'slow fashion', 'artisanal design' or 'ethical sourcing'.

A humanitarian business
After extensive travels and many career twists, the longing to create a humanitarian business would not leave Tarsha alone.

Finally the voices in her head grew louder than her resistance. And prompted her to take a giant leap.

A big passion
So she spent a long hard two years in research, in design and development, sold her house and travelled to India in the hope of finding her creative nirvana. It was quite a slog to give form to her passion and create what she knew was possible - eye-catching organic bed linen with greater meaning.

Tarsha found that over and again that what's called 'ethical' and 'organic' is often not the case. To encourage her manufacturer to become accredited with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was a rigorous process.

Meaningful change in the world
But when you have the resilience and tenacity that Tarsha has - to be part of meaningful, positive change in the world - you don't give up easily.

As a socially motivated designer, she's determined to create quality, handmade organic bed linen products that developing world producers benefit from and customers fall in love with.

It takes a special someone to jump off the edge to create their passion and live their dream, as Tarsha has done.

Be a part of her vision with an Organic Bed Threads product. You will have a beautiful bedroom and peace of mind that you're part of a bigger picture.


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