Certified Organic Cotton Criterion

Organic bed linen created only with Certified Organic Cotton Criteria

Did you know that cotton is one of the world's thirstiest crops for water and pesticides?
Alarming but true. In fact, cotton covers 2.5% of the world's cultivated land, yet uses 16% of the world's insecticides. More than any other single major crop. It is also one of the biggest industry polluters, second to the oil industry.

A whopping weight of pesticides!
It takes 1kg of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers to grow the cotton needed to make just one set of bed sheets! That's a lot!

Just imagine those chemicals running down a farmer's back as he sprays a generic crop of cotton. And the spray and run-off into neighbouring fields and waterways, other workers, animals, local villages and the whole eco-system in that area.

Even more chemicals added in production
And that's just in growing the cotton crop. Add to that, harsh chemicals in standard cotton spinning and weaving processes, silicon softeners and formaldehyde (non-iron) resins. It all ads up.

Absorbed into the skin when we sleep - eek!
Not only that, chemical traces can remain in fabrics, even after washing. Our skin is absorbing and releasing chemicals from our environment all day every day and some of these are stored in our bodies as are the accumulation of fine fabric fibres. This is called bioaccumulation, which weakens your immune system.

To maintain your wellbeing and not further stress your body, it's recommended that you sleep in bed linen free of toxic dyes or cotton sprayed with harsh chemicals - the answer is organic bed linen!

Following strict standards
Organic Bed Threads manufactures with certified organic cotton for its many production benefits. Certified organic cotton follows internationally recognised, and legislated, organic farming standards.

In all our organic bedding, we use cotton, yarns and dyes that have been certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), via OneCert, the largest international textile certifier.

Certified organic cotton is grown in subtropical countries from non-genetically modified plants that are grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Nor are there harsh chemicals used in the spinning and weaving processes.

Stronger, more durable fabric
Certified organic cotton is therefore a stronger, more durable fabric. When cared for properly, certified organic bed linen lasts longer than conventional products.

Join us in breaking the cycle. So we can reduce chemicals in a popular crop in ALL levels of its manufacture and use.

Certified organic cotton is pesticide-free and hypoallergenic. This means that from the farmer to you, all are safe from the toxic dyes and insecticides used in conventional cotton production.

For greater peace of mind, chose a certified organic supply product - choose Organic Bed Threads.