Our Standards

Organic bed linen created with high standards

Organic Bed Threads is very proud to adhere to Social Responsibility Standards.
We go to great lengths to create unique organic bed linen to support the land, encourage healthy manufacturing practices, promote safe and fair working opportunities, and develop equitable trade between developing and developed countries.
Our commitment is real.

Is it really organic?
Many products claim to be ethical and organic, but sadly they are not.

This is very confusing for consumers, and bad for our industry - the words 'ethical' and 'organic' have become diluted. No different than 'eco' and 'natural'.

There are rigorous standards we adhere to, and we are audited by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).


OBT Product Facts % Daily Values Auditing Agency
Sweatshop Labour 0%
Pesticides Used 0% §
Organic Materials 100% §, ¤
Ethics Made to ILO Standards
Environmental Friendly From Seed To Finished Product §, ¤


Ethical  - not just in words, but fully accredited!

§ We adhere to and are audited per the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

‡ Our quality products are based on fair trade standards, implemented per the International Labour Organisation Standards, a specialised agency of the United Nations, giving an equal voice to workers.

¤ Our manufacturing practices and fabric is audited by OneCert Asia on behalf of GOTS.

All of our organisational processes have principles of sustainability:

  1. We reduce waste and packaging materials as much as possible. This includes bed linen finishings - where we opt not to use plastic fastenings - but instead use ties, tassels and knots.
  2. We manufacture in India and create fair employment opportunities. These MOQ product runs employ approximately 23 people.
  3. We print to MOQs which means we do not produce excess products that we may not be able to sell thus reducing potential waste.
  4. As per GOTS requirements, our dyes are water-soluble thus there is minimal waste.
  5. We use as little packaging as possible to avoid excessive waste.
  6. We use PVC free plastic bags that contain the finished product for shipment. We use recycled packaging boxes in warehousing and transportation. Unfortunately the actual courier package is not recyclable.
  7. We have chosen certified organic cotton and organic cotton as our primary textile substrate because of its high ethical value in preserving people (farmers, weavers, dyers, hand workers and you - the end user) and the planet (reduction in chemical use in farming practices, reduction in waste contamination) and for its durability and health benefits.
  8. We transport our bed linen internationally so that the health and ethical benefits are widely felt.