Organic Bed Threads has arrived!

on Tuesday, 07 October 2014.

Just LaunchedHip Hip Hooray…Organic Bed Threads Pty Ltd has launched – October 2014! After many a dusty, bumpy road travelled by rickshaw and many an internal flight kris-crossing over India, monsoonal season impacting upon production dates, meeting fair trade and certified organic accredititations, Organic Bed Threads brings you a 100% ethical bed linen range from seed to shelf. Our eShop of bed linen will launch soon!

Two years in the research in aligning with ethically minded producers, women’s groups and traditional artisans has culminated in our first organic bed linen range, selling online to the international market.

Our current range focuses on the design aspect of bed décor – doona/duvet cover sets – that is more eye catching. We do aim to add to our range in due course. Please become familiar with who are and our ethical range by travelling around our website. As a start, who we are...



Eco-Friendly Bed Linen

on Friday, 22 August 2014.

Emma WatsonDo you know if your bed linen is entirely ethical in its make up? Have you paid next to nothing, or even paid through the nose for a brand item that states high thread count and generic terms of sale like ‘eco’ or ‘organic’? Chances are they were cheaply made, mass produced in shocking work conditions and have no ethical value to in the production process.

Buying certified organic cotton with a fair trade stamp of approval guarantees that tractability of production from seed to shelf has been implemented so that all producers, from farmers, spinners, weavers, transport workers and artisan applications and through to the end consumer are part of a healthier manufacturing process that provides fair trade, fair and safe employment, living wages and definitely no child labour.

Organic Bed Threads engage in these ethical production qualities, additionally accessing traditional artisan techniques renowned for their authentic uniqueness in the Rajasthan regions of India, such as wood block printing, applique and hand embroidery. Local women’s groups are also empowered to make our stunning bed linen. We reduce our environmental impact in production with no toxic chemicals and reducing materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. So how do we stack up now with your usual brand?!

Buying organic, fair trade and handmade bed linen means you’re less likely to own what everyone else is – you’ll defiantly be picking up something bespoke. Organic Bed Threads wants to change the perception of bed linen perching from fast fashion to quality, healthy, durable and seasonally lasting products that have a greater meaning. Learn more about the strict standards we have set ourselves…

Two Worlds

on Friday, 22 August 2014.

East Meets WestBelieving that setting up an eCommerce business with my other ethical ventures could be passionately entwined into my daily waking home life for ease, I ignorantly thought would be relatively straight forward. Ha! Not so. Constant niggles of how the West and East do business has been many a month of communicational struggles. Most days I want to tear out my hair in fury because answers from the East are not swift enough to provide my Western market. Designing in the West and producing in the East has provided a myriad of strange quirks such as Western driven, fast paced business ethics not agreeable to Eastern practices of unusually late business day start times, Monsoonal setbacks and numerous religious festivals. Two Worlds! Yet, I have to remind myself, that my brand is of a higher quality, handmade and ethically driven by certified organic and fair trade criteria.

While I often state I have a home business that in its overall practice looks like it operates seamlessly, I do find that the home environment does not seamlessly intertwine in my world. Early days I suppose but I must remind myself to be grateful to be able to collect experiences from both worlds that create for a richer brand.

Green Washing

on Friday, 22 August 2014.

Laundry Powder Under the Microscope

Laundry PowderThe word ‘chemical’ is powerful. Say it, and we tend to picture 44-gallon drums full of mysterious green sludge, perhaps labelled with skull and crossbones. These images and associations are echoed in advertising for many products, which use the terms ‘natural’ or ‘chemical-free’ to imply that they’re healthy, green, and non-toxic.

Is this accurate?

Well, not really.

Are you aware of the 7 signs of green washing?

  1. Sin of the hidden trade-off.
  2. Sin of no proof.
  3. Sin of vagueness.
  4. Sin of irrelevance.
  5. Sin of fibbing.
  6. Sin of lesser of two evils.
  7. Sin of worshipping false labels.

Picture this scene: Woman holds a product brochure and asks a business owner, "How do I know your company's environmentally friendly?" Owner replies, as he pushes his pen and paper for woman to sign, "The wording, the typeface, the pictures of nature in the brochure."

So what’s the story?

Otter puts chemicals under the microscope.

Organic Retail Therapy – World First!

on Friday, 22 August 2014.

Triple Bottom Line graphicOrganic Bed Threads is one of a select few worldwide retailers who are overly conscious to selling you 100% ethical bed linen products. There are not many in the world! We could be the world’s 1st in doing so actually!

We not only provide you a healthier base fabric of certified organic cotton, no chemicals (or heavily reduced), but we are doing wonders in the world. We are helping those that are less fortunate, in a developing country, and for traditional artisan technical to be re-born and to be honoured. We want to bring that special sparkly quality back into our daily used products of ‘quality handmade’.

Organic Bed Threads has a strong design, production and accounting ethos set in the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet and profits. With every design, we account for social, environmental/ecological and financial dimensions. We want to do good by all in the production line, not just by you!

Don’t you want to know where your product has come from, who made it, why and by what methods? We at Organic Bed Threads are always evaluating our performance in a detailed context. We don’t want to scrimp on health nor humanitarian nor quality nor value nor profits. The latter principle being just as import as this allows us to reinvest into enlarging our humanitarian engagement in our chosen developing country of India.

We encourage you to be a supporter of value and quality and giving back at a micro level. You will then know your product has been purchased without any insidious acts. Buy ethical, it’s the only way!