What Do Children Really Want This Christmas?

on Friday, 11 November 2016.

What Do Children Really Want This Christmas?

Be your angle or terror and despite your anticipated nagging for them to quiet down after the sugar rush of Christmas candy or fighting tooth and nail with their sibling or with you, or badgering you with questions that will either make you turn pink, enrage or delight you, foremost children want to feel loved and safe.

They too want to feel the satisfying rush of adrenaline, create excessive noise, see colour and creativity to inspire their minds and hands and involve co-conspirators (real or invented) to set traps or have meaningful chats with. Sure, they also want all the gimmicks and latest toys to fulfil their physical and aesthetic needs. Yet on the subtly emotional and sub-conscious level, they want to know that healthy boundaries are in place so they can bounce off those imaginary walls to see how far they can stretch their growth.

During this overwhelming time of glut, there is room to instil values and greater meaning behind their gifts. Try not to over indulge children with the excesses of life just because you are run off your feet, shoving the turkey in the oven or placating family members about bedding arrangements or cleaning up after the dog, rather educate them to be happy so they know the value of things, not the price.

Children want to intuitively know that the nurturing space of family time is always at their beck and call. Storytelling is a great way to educate inquisitive minds and sooth frazzled emotions. They brains are like sponges and while they may get some of the themes backwards or inside out later on, meaningful stories will always resonate with them at a core level. Buy gifts that have stories behind them that educate them about the makers, the exotic countries they originate from, how it was made and why. Make them feel safe by purchasing safe and healthy products. How can you buy all this in one product you may ask?

Brown paper packages tied up with string can be a delight to shop for and give to your child, especially with fun colours, vibrant story themes, creative applications, a chance to create bed time accomplices with the securing covering of handmade duvet covers. This is storytelling at its most creative, when that ancient chase scene of dog chases cat, cat chases mouse across the room in The Chase, or when a tower of giraffes try to squeeze under the duvet in Pretty Giraffes, or when the bed feels like the sea, spinning as if a washing machine in Fishing Village.

The gifting of safe, healthy organic, toxic free, fairtrade, handmade with love duvet covers is not your typical gift for busy little beings, but it's certainly not a fad that will only last a few weeks but rather providing enduring safe sleep for years to come. Our bed art will inspire and ground your darlings this Christmas and the days thereafter. Buy if for them for your peace of mind.

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Make Your Own Eco Laundry Products

on Friday, 04 November 2016.

LaundryHabitsA few months ago I attended a workshop to make your own non-toxic, economical household cleaning products. The test kitchen for the day was of all places, my local tip. I was blown over that this once smelly, ugly crater of a landfill that was our local dumping ground for household waste, has turned into an ecological epicentre and thriving business for sustainability, recycling and education.

Did you know that we are exposed to more toxic and hazardous chemicals from using common household cleaning products inside our homes than anywhere else? These incredibly harmful chemicals are causing many illnesses for us and our families and create tons of toxic waste which is disposed into our environment. In the past 40 years, at least 70,000 new chemicals have been released into the environment through cleaning and industrial products, with a US study revealing that its participants carried an average of 43% of these chemicals in their bodies.

Buy Ethical This Christmas & Leave The Money Where It Belongs

on Monday, 31 October 2016.

An ethical christmasAt Christmas time we often by gifts for our friends, family, lovers or colleagues, it's a time of year when giving and receiving is a means of expressing our love and fondness.

Big brands often have many discounts of cheaper product options to buy from, making things easier for us, but sometimes this isn't the best way of buying gifts for your loved ones. Why not take some extra time to research companies whose intent aligns with ethical development? Your support would be a weclome gift for independent artisans when buying your Christmas gifts this year?

There are many big franchises online which have become very popular for Christmas gifts, but do they really have any sentimental value? Unfortunately these days it can be too easy for us to buy from these brands without thinking about where the money goes.

If you buy from a big company there is no heart felt resonance of attachment, if you buy from a small business you are most likley helping many ethical startups who have higher visions of doing some good in this world. 

Media Spotlight - The Importance of Ethical & Sustainable Bed Fashion

on Sunday, 30 October 2016.

Organic Bed Threads Interviewed by Trusted Clothes

IMG 20161030 070204Tell us about yourself - family/personal story, education, and prior work.
Originally hailing from England, Australia has been my home for the past 36 years. A creative and adventurer at heart, I have always been drawn to textiles and ethnic designs from cultures stepped in rich history. I have been incredibly fortunate to have an eclectic study and working life in Sydney, Auckland, Florence, London, Istanbul and India.

My initial trades are as a textile designer in the soft furnishing industry, producing for leading textile houses; and as a public relations consultant, working on various large national campaigns within the environmental and art sectors. I have been frequently career restless, I can't always put my finger on the reasons why. Yet one purposeful knowing deep within my core was I needed to make my own conscious mark on the world, and so in the last few years I have combined my skills and experiences and have entered into a significant R&D phase to establish my own ethical textile label.

What is the importance of ethical fashion to you?
It means not sacrificing people and planet for the sake of making another product, rather taking a very considered approach in all the creation processes, such as building ethical practices into every part of my business. Encouraging healthy and fair work practices to ensure my product is safe to handle for the cotton farmer through to the studio artisans. I have no desire to pollute the environment nor endanger workers lives with chemicals nor treat them unjustly for the sake of profit or quick turnaround. I trade fairly with all those involved in my production supply chain in my chosen production country of India. While I apply social and ethical standards to my product with organic and fair trade accreditations (Global Organic Textile Standard and International Labour Organisation respectively), I am often encouraged by outsiders to make life simpler to cut on cost, even by the 'ethical' manufacturers. The importance of ethical fashion is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, not only does this view resonate with my own personal values but I have to live with my thoughts and actions each day, which I hope to encourage within my target market.

Continue reading below or visit the interview on the Trusted Clothes website.

Why Organic Bedlinen?

on Monday, 12 September 2016.

Why Organic BedlinenFrom Organic Bed Threads perspective, producing bedlinen to certified organic standards is not only an obvious manufacturing process but an absolute necessity for preserving and protecting the environment, the many workers who make our bedlinen, and for the end user. Our aim is to reduce the chemical overload in textile manufacturing so that people and planet are not covered on nasty chemicals that can adversely affect ones health nor cause massive devastation to the land.
Just because a product is not literally dripping in chemicals from the rack in-store, does not mean they are not there, dried into every fibre. Our aim is to educate buyers about our processes for peace of mind. Neither health, nor working conditions, nor comfort nor decor should raise the risk of serious health concerns such as breathing difficulties, skin allergies, deformities and cancers. We didn't want to create products that exploited people nor the environment.
That is why Organic Bed Threads exists. We wanted to create a brand of bedding that addressed all of the issues plaguing the textile industry today.