Guest Blogger - Reducing Toxic Exposure by Going Fishing

on Monday, 20 July 2015.

chemical free community beta 1 2That label on your clothes and on your everyday products, is a statement of what and how you are buying, to protect your body and the environment.

As an ethical designer, producing certified organic bed linen with chemical free cotton, yarns and dyes, I aim to connect with the conscious buyer in various ways. A very supportive directory for Organic Bed Threads has been the Chemical Free Community, founded by Jillian Exton, which has been established to help buyers and sellers transition into a less toxic world.

The Chemical Free Community AKA ChemFreeCom teaches you how to 'fish' for information to become an inspired, educated and aware product user.

I recently spoke with toxic free influencer Jillian Exton, a dynamic woman who has faced massive health experiences head on, based on a need to radically change the chemical use in her daily life and thus continue to support a wider community to sourcing chemical free products. We talked about that often frightening word - CHEMCIALS - and what you can do to alleviate the daily pain factor....

Organic Bed Threads Launches into the European eMarket

on Friday, 03 July 2015.

doneSo, where do creatives go to sell their wares? On own website, traditional markets, retail store?

Believing that having my own integrated and very functional standalone eCommerce site would be sufficient to draw in the customers, there is merit in also connecting with other eMarkets. If you are a small startup, have spent a lot of money and time getting to that stage, needing to reach a wider audience and needing help for FREE, then there is help at hand. What's free now-a-days anyway?

I have seen the need to branch out with various other eMarkets that have a larger buyer and seller base, where the demographic is more in line with my own, where I can tap into an international customer base and where there is an appreciation of the handmade and the ethical essence of products and where artisans can sell products for fair prices worldwide.

Recently I came across a new online platform called And by invitation. This is a creative community online where small business owners can open a shop for free!

eMarkets for Ethical Producers

on Tuesday, 30 June 2015.

en isell 1As alternative eMarkets go, and there are copious (most not as fair with their commission structure*) joining the Etsy handmade community seemed to be the obvious move in increasing our online presence, especially with those who appreciate quality handmade products.

Joining a 1.4 million active selling community where 32 millions products are sold via crafters, artists and designers feels like we have landed in the right pond to showcase our creative and ethical bed fashion.

Etsy's aim to create lasting change in the world resonates with Organic Bed Threads. We aim to 'cause a cause' where the cause creates an effect of positive support within our chosen production country of India. Where our creative talents can be channelled into social impact practices of fair trade and organic production to help eliminate sweat shops, poverty, child labour and trafficking within the textile industry.

Knowing you are buying handmade products, where you know their origin and methods, makes you a conscious consumer. Welcome to the fashion revolution.

Organic Bed Threads Reviews - 'The True Cost' Documentary

on Sunday, 21 June 2015.

fb truecostreview post'Careless production and endless consumption' this pretty much sums up the business model of the global fashion industry as depicted in 'The True Cost' documentary.

Not unlike those films that have come before it, The True Cost succeeds in shedding light on the three key elements that make textile clothing and footwear second only to oil as the biggest polluting industry in the world.

Fast fashion - with its sheer disposability, means we are buying more fabric per person than ever before. The textiles must be grown somewhere: water use, soil degradation, fertlisers, pesticides and chemical runoff all have an environmental cost. Then there is the human cost to farmers exposed to pesticides, and workers crammed like battery hens into unsafe factories.

These were the very reasons why we, at Organic Bed Threads, were determined to find another way to produce bedlinen. Transparent, fair trade and certified organic sourcing, manufacturing and the direct engagement of artisans. These are the components of a respectful, slow fashion, handmade creative process that we are proud to bring to you.