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Honouring Handmade

on Saturday, 17 December 2016.

Handmade woodblock carverDo you recall that iconic 1988 cult film 'Cocktail' when the characters of Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shu are talking on the deck of a Jamaican bar, he lazily twirls his cocktail umbrella in his hands and idly comments to her...
"Do you know there is a guy who makes these, but still he gets up in the morning and he kisses his wife and he goes to his drink umbrella factory and whips up ten billion of these a year, the guy's a millionaire" ... and their conversation continues about the people who make other small restaurant table items like ashtrays, tooth picks and their wrappers and even the plastic ends of shoelaces. I realise I have taken the character's intended meaningful out of context, for all his character wanted was make a motza, but this scene grab is so poignant in terms of reflecting on, respecting and honouring the handmade process.

Bed Linen Test

on Monday, 21 November 2016.

BedLinenTestWeb7 bed linen aspects to help you sleep soundly at night.
1. There are a lot of human hands involved in the making of our bedlinen - #handmade
Sure, you can't beat the speed and efficiency of modern machinery used by many of the larger bedding companies out there, but as with so many other things in life, slower is sometimes simply better. While many of our competitors focus on volume and economy, our focus is on quality and craftsmanship. Organic Bed Threads duvet covers are made by highly-skilled crafts people in India, each of whom not only bring years of experience and knowledge to their jobs, but also a passion for creating only the best work by hand. Encouraging handmade techniques on the textile world stage is so culturally important.

A Journey of the Humble Cotton Boll

on Saturday, 05 September 2015.

Our Moving Story

Let us take you on a journey of the world's most widely used natural fibre in textile production - the humble cotton boll - and one being manufactured responsibly by us to create ethical bed linen. The average harvest period of a cotton ball is 140 days after which it continues, along numerous production processes to find it's way to your bed.


Meet our Women Artisans

on Monday, 13 April 2015.

Read our intriguing background introduction to our women’s group before you become acquainted with our Indian artisans and see how your purchase of fair trade bed linen makes an impact in a her life.

Our core women’s group, the faces behind the our handwork:

Nilofar - Studio Assistant & Hand Embroiderer
NilofarNilfoa, in her early 20s, helps run the design studio with the owner, interpreting the design requests from my manufacturer or I to the women's group. She is often running up and down stairs relaying vital design details by way of physical or commentary example. Nilofa entered the textile trade under her own interest (an interesting point to make as most lives are planned my family members, especially that of the women) and she already has her ambitious 5 year plan set out. She is learning as much as possible so that she can set up her own factory in fashion textiles of handmade work that has an ethical attachment. Her family lives 350km from her place of dwelling, so currently she lives in a women's hostel. She has been away from her family for 4 years yet visits them on the many religious festivals India celebrates. Her parents, her father in particular, are very supportive of her career. Nilofa loves to practice her English with me and often forces me to learn Hindi.




Asha - Hand Embroiderer & Machine Tailor
AshaThis smiley lady is a calm balm to be around. She radiates warmth and creative enthusiasm. Asha is the lynchpin in my hand embroidery team, often training the newer ladies in various needle work skills. Asha’s skills also lend themselves to machine work, studio assistant and studio mother-hen. A loyal, dedicated and caring young lady who enjoys working and is eager to advanced her skills in administration and accountancy. She is currently saving to enter into an administration course.

Spotlight on our Women's Group

on Monday, 13 April 2015.

Organic Bed Threads HandmadeOur relationship with the artisans who make our bed linen is far from anonymous. We know their faces and value their creativity and we are humbled that one of our aims to empower women’s groups in the hand stitch field of work and education can be achieved.  
From sampling phase, approximately 5 core ladies in the group are gainfully employed full time; at full production phase approximately 23 artisans are employed in the creation of our bed linen products. What a great feel good factor this is to us! We dream vividly that employment will increase, on a long term basis over the coming years.
Our manufacturer of our uniquely handmade bed linen was truly cooperative in discovering a local women's group who could travel to the design studio to work on the various family sized duvet covers in our range. Become acquainted with our Indian artisans and see how your purchase of fair trade bed linen makes an impact in her life.
A mix of shy and outspoken characters make up this Jaipur based women's group, some experienced in hand embroidery and some at training stage. This group of proud, passionate ladies in bright sarees (I could never figure out how they did not stitch their flowing sarees into my bed linen) have their own life aspirations they are aiming towards, and it is by employing them under fair trade standards that they can work towards their dreams, while living in a developing country.
When alone creating, often on their haunches labouring at close quarters over the makeup of our bed linen, there can be heard a low babble of Hindi chatter and giggles. Not that I understand a word, but I can only assume they are talking about the same delights and stresses we in the Western world experience - love, annoyances, children, money, health – there is a strong community feel when the ladies work in a group.