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Dear Luxury Lover

on Tuesday, 28 February 2017.

Dear Bed Linen Lover,
You love a little luxury and you enjoy the finer things in life. Did you know that where ethics meets aesthetics, that is where true luxury is found? So, when it comes to bed linen and you appreciate handmade, then artisan produced and ethical Organic Bed Threads will give you both... and so much more.
You want 100% certified organic cotton that's beautiful, will retain its crisp, just new feeling, and of course discern there are authentic stamps of approval that it has been created to high standards. Organic Bed Threads are the luxury you've been looking for and exclusive only to our eShop where you can shop ethically 24/7, guilt free and from the comfort of your bed. In the wise words of Hubert de Givenchy, "Luxury is in each detail", and we believe we have answered this wish list for you. Watch our luxury bed linen product video to find out more.
24/7 Guilt Free Ethical eShopping

Climate Control Cotton Bed Linen

on Monday, 12 December 2016.

Benefits of Using 100% Cotton

No matter what kind of climate you live in, arctic or burning hot, 100% cotton bedlinen is an ideal fabric to achieve perfect slumber. Especially if it's certified organic cotton for its many health benefits and made to ethical standards such as our stunning collection of kids and adult handmade duvet covers. Because cotton is a natural product, it has many advantages, such as its ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort, hypoallergenic qualities, its durability and reasonable price point. Lets take a snapshot view of these benefits:

Moisture Control
Cotton fabric is breathable, absorbent and can transfer moisture away from the skin, thus allowing your body to remain at a comfortable temperate as you sleep.

Cotton protects against heat in the summer and cold in the winter by providing thermal insulation as the cotton fabric traps air between the fabric fibres. Cotton bed linen feels cool to the touch on warm days yet provides you warmth on chilly days.

Cotton fabric rarely causes allergic reactions and using cotton is often recommended for those prone to allergies or skin irritations. Because cotton is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin and offers a soft touch, this makes it comfortable for the sleeper and is the fabric of choice when it comes to bed linen. In our handmade designs, we also use certified organic dyes and threads increasing the health benefits for sensitive skins.

Cotton bed linen is soft, often softer than linen, not slippery like silk and retains its shape, it is the ideal comfortable fabric to sleep on or under.

Cotton has a high tensile strength, making it strong, durable and less likely to rip or tear. It is 30 percent stronger when wet, withstanding years of washing. Here's a trick, looking for a higher thread count does not necessarily mean that the weave it stronger, it is a combination of quality thread count and the number of plies to create a tighter and thus durable weave. As our duvet covers are 100% cotton they will not pill when frequently washed, unlike cotton blends i.e. cotton/polyester which have a strong tendency to create an aged look quickly.

Brand Price
There are many cotton bed linen options on offer. Research the brand's ethical values in their production. Learn how to read the label carefully. By understanding if the product is a quality one, you will have a clearer indication why there are price differences - 100% certified organic cotton bed linen, made to fair trade standards means it is a brand of integrity and is worth investing in quality duvet covers today in respect of people and planet. In doubt of how to choose for a loved one, opt for a gift certificate.

Bed Linen Test

on Monday, 21 November 2016.

BedLinenTestWeb7 bed linen aspects to help you sleep soundly at night.
1. There are a lot of human hands involved in the making of our bedlinen - #handmade
Sure, you can't beat the speed and efficiency of modern machinery used by many of the larger bedding companies out there, but as with so many other things in life, slower is sometimes simply better. While many of our competitors focus on volume and economy, our focus is on quality and craftsmanship. Organic Bed Threads duvet covers are made by highly-skilled crafts people in India, each of whom not only bring years of experience and knowledge to their jobs, but also a passion for creating only the best work by hand. Encouraging handmade techniques on the textile world stage is so culturally important.

Make Your Own Eco Laundry Products

on Friday, 04 November 2016.

LaundryHabitsA few months ago I attended a workshop to make your own non-toxic, economical household cleaning products. The test kitchen for the day was of all places, my local tip. I was blown over that this once smelly, ugly crater of a landfill that was our local dumping ground for household waste, has turned into an ecological epicentre and thriving business for sustainability, recycling and education.

Did you know that we are exposed to more toxic and hazardous chemicals from using common household cleaning products inside our homes than anywhere else? These incredibly harmful chemicals are causing many illnesses for us and our families and create tons of toxic waste which is disposed into our environment. In the past 40 years, at least 70,000 new chemicals have been released into the environment through cleaning and industrial products, with a US study revealing that its participants carried an average of 43% of these chemicals in their bodies.

Media Spotlight - The Importance of Ethical & Sustainable Bed Fashion

on Sunday, 30 October 2016.

Organic Bed Threads Interviewed by Trusted Clothes

IMG 20161030 070204Tell us about yourself - family/personal story, education, and prior work.
Originally hailing from England, Australia has been my home for the past 36 years. A creative and adventurer at heart, I have always been drawn to textiles and ethnic designs from cultures stepped in rich history. I have been incredibly fortunate to have an eclectic study and working life in Sydney, Auckland, Florence, London, Istanbul and India.

My initial trades are as a textile designer in the soft furnishing industry, producing for leading textile houses; and as a public relations consultant, working on various large national campaigns within the environmental and art sectors. I have been frequently career restless, I can't always put my finger on the reasons why. Yet one purposeful knowing deep within my core was I needed to make my own conscious mark on the world, and so in the last few years I have combined my skills and experiences and have entered into a significant R&D phase to establish my own ethical textile label.

What is the importance of ethical fashion to you?
It means not sacrificing people and planet for the sake of making another product, rather taking a very considered approach in all the creation processes, such as building ethical practices into every part of my business. Encouraging healthy and fair work practices to ensure my product is safe to handle for the cotton farmer through to the studio artisans. I have no desire to pollute the environment nor endanger workers lives with chemicals nor treat them unjustly for the sake of profit or quick turnaround. I trade fairly with all those involved in my production supply chain in my chosen production country of India. While I apply social and ethical standards to my product with organic and fair trade accreditations (Global Organic Textile Standard and International Labour Organisation respectively), I am often encouraged by outsiders to make life simpler to cut on cost, even by the 'ethical' manufacturers. The importance of ethical fashion is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, not only does this view resonate with my own personal values but I have to live with my thoughts and actions each day, which I hope to encourage within my target market.

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