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Proud to be Chemical Free

on Friday, 31 March 2017.

3A WEB BANNER STICKER CIRCLE COLOR RESOLUTION 300 DPI 002Did you know we are a proud member of the Chemical Free Community?

This unique and supportive community is a place to discover products and services to reduce your chemical use. It's a one-stop ethical marketplace advocating education, awareness and making it easy for folks to find nontoxic and less toxic alternatives via their online global directory. And they are growing exponentially and on a mission to get us on a cleaner path.

With over 125 million chemicals registered for use and approx. 200,000 new chemicals approved each week we are constantly exposed in many of our every day activities and rest states. With such an overlaod, and without knowledge of when and how these chemicals enter our lives, there is the fear of becoming complacent in not researching nor asking what the real nutritional value of our products really mean (food, clothing, home decor etc). Invariably the repercussions of these harmful pollutants are deadly to man and planet. Check out our chemical free status for peace of mind as you sleep under our organic bed linen.

To qualitfy each other's eco minded muster, both our businesses put the microscope up to each other, and researched and questioned and analysed each other and made our interviews* public. We encourage you to jump online and join the community to find some amazing no/low toxic products & services - It's free to join. 

Yours for perfect sleep health. Creators of certified organic duvet covers from cotton boll to woodblock dye and thread, as certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

The health of those that make our products are as important as those that buy, knowing workers hands are free from harmful chemicals is an absolute blessing, and the Chemcial Free Community provide a platform to proving it is not hard live a less toxic life.



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Dear Parents

on Tuesday, 28 February 2017.

Dear Mums, Dads and Guardians of your Precious Ones,

Did you know that traditional bed linen contains 1kg of pesticides per sheet set. Your greatest creations, your children are precious and you want the best for their health. But do you know what they're sleeping with? Your children will be inhaling multiple chemicals every night if they are sleeping in bed linen that's not 100% certified organic cotton.

Organic Bed Threads doona/duvet sets contain NO chemicals, are 100% certified organic cotton, ethically sourced, handmade and protected under fair trade. This magical product video will encourage and inspire you to add more positive healthy ingredients into your children's bed coverings. Watch our healthy bed linen product video to find out more.

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Climate Control Cotton Bed Linen

on Monday, 12 December 2016.

Benefits of Using 100% Cotton

No matter what kind of climate you live in, arctic or burning hot, 100% cotton bedlinen is an ideal fabric to achieve perfect slumber. Especially if it's certified organic cotton for its many health benefits and made to ethical standards such as our stunning collection of kids and adult handmade duvet covers. Because cotton is a natural product, it has many advantages, such as its ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort, hypoallergenic qualities, its durability and reasonable price point. Lets take a snapshot view of these benefits:

Moisture Control
Cotton fabric is breathable, absorbent and can transfer moisture away from the skin, thus allowing your body to remain at a comfortable temperate as you sleep.

Cotton protects against heat in the summer and cold in the winter by providing thermal insulation as the cotton fabric traps air between the fabric fibres. Cotton bed linen feels cool to the touch on warm days yet provides you warmth on chilly days.

Cotton fabric rarely causes allergic reactions and using cotton is often recommended for those prone to allergies or skin irritations. Because cotton is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin and offers a soft touch, this makes it comfortable for the sleeper and is the fabric of choice when it comes to bed linen. In our handmade designs, we also use certified organic dyes and threads increasing the health benefits for sensitive skins.

Cotton bed linen is soft, often softer than linen, not slippery like silk and retains its shape, it is the ideal comfortable fabric to sleep on or under.

Cotton has a high tensile strength, making it strong, durable and less likely to rip or tear. It is 30 percent stronger when wet, withstanding years of washing. Here's a trick, looking for a higher thread count does not necessarily mean that the weave it stronger, it is a combination of quality thread count and the number of plies to create a tighter and thus durable weave. As our duvet covers are 100% cotton they will not pill when frequently washed, unlike cotton blends i.e. cotton/polyester which have a strong tendency to create an aged look quickly.

Brand Price
There are many cotton bed linen options on offer. Research the brand's ethical values in their production. Learn how to read the label carefully. By understanding if the product is a quality one, you will have a clearer indication why there are price differences - 100% certified organic cotton bed linen, made to fair trade standards means it is a brand of integrity and is worth investing in quality duvet covers today in respect of people and planet. In doubt of how to choose for a loved one, opt for a gift certificate.

Man Panic - A Guide for the Gents Buying for Their Partner

on Friday, 18 November 2016.

Christmas ManPanicGent, so you thought about buying some sexy lingerie for your loved one but you are scared of embarrassing yourself and her with choosing the wrong size? After all tops and bottoms come in all sizes. Maybe a bit of bling maybe the ticket, but are you really sure of her personal style? She is madly into honouring her body as a temple but your mind scrambles at the thought of all the amazing health products out there: eco skin care, how-to smoothie, wall mountable herb gardens... You want to give something of meaning, but not sure how to start the research with the plethora of charities, NFPs and NGOs. All fabulous ideas (pleasure if I just helped you with a few more?), or maybe she has been hinting for months, at the very thing that you have been unable to give - quality time - due to whatever myriad of excuses you give her - work, stress, commitments, blatant avoidance.

Let's break your worries down here in this easy gift cheat sheet. We have identified that: size, style, health, time and meaning are your Christmas gift buying concerns. Do you think all your Christmases will have come at once if you could find the gift with all these attributes?

Well hello gorgeous, you can with the element of surprise at our one-stop-eShop for luxury, ethical duvet/doona covers. Why wouldn't you want more time with you partner under the covers?

So lets get down to business by answering your 5 pain points when buying for her.

Size - Yes, we are talking about the boudoir, but keep your thoughts pure on this theme buddy. Let's hope you know the size of your bed. If you don't, relocate your tape measure and jump to our bedlinen conversion size guide to help you.

What Do Children Really Want This Christmas?

on Friday, 11 November 2016.

What Do Children Really Want This Christmas?

Be your angle or terror and despite your anticipated nagging for them to quiet down after the sugar rush of Christmas candy or fighting tooth and nail with their sibling or with you, or badgering you with questions that will either make you turn pink, enrage or delight you, foremost children want to feel loved and safe.

They too want to feel the satisfying rush of adrenaline, create excessive noise, see colour and creativity to inspire their minds and hands and involve co-conspirators (real or invented) to set traps or have meaningful chats with. Sure, they also want all the gimmicks and latest toys to fulfil their physical and aesthetic needs. Yet on the subtly emotional and sub-conscious level, they want to know that healthy boundaries are in place so they can bounce off those imaginary walls to see how far they can stretch their growth.

During this overwhelming time of glut, there is room to instil values and greater meaning behind their gifts. Try not to over indulge children with the excesses of life just because you are run off your feet, shoving the turkey in the oven or placating family members about bedding arrangements or cleaning up after the dog, rather educate them to be happy so they know the value of things, not the price.

Children want to intuitively know that the nurturing space of family time is always at their beck and call. Storytelling is a great way to educate inquisitive minds and sooth frazzled emotions. They brains are like sponges and while they may get some of the themes backwards or inside out later on, meaningful stories will always resonate with them at a core level. Buy gifts that have stories behind them that educate them about the makers, the exotic countries they originate from, how it was made and why. Make them feel safe by purchasing safe and healthy products. How can you buy all this in one product you may ask?

Brown paper packages tied up with string can be a delight to shop for and give to your child, especially with fun colours, vibrant story themes, creative applications, a chance to create bed time accomplices with the securing covering of handmade duvet covers. This is storytelling at its most creative, when that ancient chase scene of dog chases cat, cat chases mouse across the room in The Chase, or when a tower of giraffes try to squeeze under the duvet in Pretty Giraffes, or when the bed feels like the sea, spinning as if a washing machine in Fishing Village.

The gifting of safe, healthy organic, toxic free, fairtrade, handmade with love duvet covers is not your typical gift for busy little beings, but it's certainly not a fad that will only last a few weeks but rather providing enduring safe sleep for years to come. Our bed art will inspire and ground your darlings this Christmas and the days thereafter. Buy if for them for your peace of mind.

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