Price Drop - Our Doors Are Closing

on Wednesday, 19 April 2017.

pricesleavesWe have been squirreling away on your behalf, which means super savings for all family bed lovers. Our duvet cover prices are almost at cost price, these offers are ethically insane! Is that a double entendre?!? :) Our reason...we are closing our doors, unfortunately.

Our warehouse will close its doors on Thursday 4th May and the last dispatch will be Friday 5th May 2017. So hurry to get your incredible bed linen bargain: exness

  • We have discounted AU$154 - $227 on the smallest duvet cover for children to the largest covers for adults!
  • We now offer a very low international per item shipping rate of AU$20.
  • Plus further reductions for Australian buyers, GST is exempt.

While prices are quoted in Australian dollars in this blog, our eShop will automatically update to your country currency or simply click on the currency option at the top of the page.

The key to ethical fashion is to shop for your healthy, fair trade, organic and artisan handmade bed art with Organic Bed Threads. Easy pickings of gorgeous, reversible designs for all the family. And where are stunning duvet cover designs give back way more in honest and transparent nutritional label benefits.

Don't forget, you can make your life easier at our checkout using secure payments with PayPal and credit card on our website exness thailand! Just scroll to the bottom of the page to sight the secure payment validation.

These are bespoke, one of a kind designs, we created to MOQ to comply with zero waste, chemical free and sustainable textile laws in respect for people and planet.

Want to own a part of ethical fashion homewares? Then come shop with us for a guilt free shopping experience.

Eyeview on Bangladesh

on Saturday, 01 April 2017.

visionblog2While Organic Bed Threads appraises the efforts of ethical production processes in our chosen manufacturing country of India, and focus' on the poignant role of fair trade and safe working conditions in all phases of our bed linen creations from certified organic cotton seed to chemical free artisan studio; India's neighbour, Bangladesh, the second largest ready-made garment (RMG) producing country in the world has had many an eagle eye and critical media backlash on this apparel manufacturing hub since 2013.

As we head towards the anniversary of the Savar building collapse that occurred on Wednesday, 24 April 2013 in Savar Upazila, a division of Dhaka in Bangladesh, where an eight-story commercial building named Rana Plaza collapsed due to structural failure, we are reminded that it is considered the deadliest garment-factory accident in history, with 1129 loss of life, as well as the deadliest accidental structural failure in modern human history exness th. This textile disaster, bought to light the appalling plight of unfair and unsafe conditions that workers were subjected to if they wanted to be employed.

While the fashion spotlight still remains on the horror of this disaster, with an additional negative tag of those factories creating fast fashion for the larger Western fashion houses¹, many positive stories of the fashion sector continue to be overshadowed with the tendency of traditional media viewing that negative stories are news and positive stories are not news at all!

Proud to be Chemical Free

on Friday, 31 March 2017.

3A WEB BANNER STICKER CIRCLE COLOR RESOLUTION 300 DPI 002Did you know we are a proud member of the Chemical Free Community?

This unique and supportive community is a place to discover products and services to reduce your chemical use. It's a one-stop ethical marketplace advocating education, awareness and making it easy for folks to find nontoxic and less toxic alternatives via their online global directory. And they are growing exponentially and on a mission to get us on a cleaner path.

With over 125 million chemicals registered for use and approx. 200,000 new chemicals approved each week we are constantly exposed in many of our every day activities and rest states. With such an overlaod, and without knowledge of when and how these chemicals enter our lives, there is the fear of becoming complacent in not researching nor asking what the real nutritional value of our products really mean (food, clothing, home decor etc). Invariably the repercussions of these harmful pollutants are deadly to man and planet. Check out our chemical free status for peace of mind as you sleep under our organic bed linen.

To qualitfy each other's eco minded muster, both our businesses put the microscope up to each other, and researched and questioned and analysed each other and made our interviews* public. We encourage you to jump online and join the community to find some amazing no/low toxic products & services - It's free to join. 

Yours for perfect sleep health. Creators of certified organic duvet covers from cotton boll to woodblock dye and thread, as certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

The health of those that make our products are as important as those that buy, knowing workers hands are free from harmful chemicals is an absolute blessing, and the Chemcial Free Community provide a platform to proving it is not hard live a less toxic life.



Has your Bed Linen Caused Suffering to Others?

Reducing Toxic Exposure by Going Fishing



Bed Fashion for Global Change

on Monday, 27 March 2017.

bepartofsomethingbiggerWhen you purchase ethical fashion you're part of a movement for global change.

ILO logo circle



GOTSGlobal Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), are the global accreditations Organic Bed Threads aligns with in bed linen production in India.


I stepped up as a designer, and you can too when you buy my ethical duvet covers. Our combined stance - mine and yours - supports the goals of a future free from chemicals, free from poverty and free from unfair trade.

Your conscious purchase ensures producers earn fair trade wages and work in safe environments. We in the West aspire for such 'obvious' God-given benefits, Organic Bed Threads takes the 'obvious' out of the equation, for there is massive assumption of what goes on on home turf, occurs in the East or in developing countries too; not so!

I am mightily encouraged by what can be achieved for the health of the planet when producing and buying with intent. Not just for apparel but fashion in the home - a place that houses the largest sized textiles. Home decor that gives back, now there's a novel idea!

Being part of something bigger means preservation of:

How fantastic is that via a simple purchase! World bed creations, made by communities who care, to be purchased by those who care. Do you? If so, #bethechange in your home, take a step in the right direction by visiting our eShop today. Together, lets make ethical bed fashion the next big thing.

The Fear of Slow Fashion Dying Out

on Monday, 27 March 2017.

Applique2 Organic Bed Threads"To write about Indian handicrafts is almost like writing about the country itself. So vast, complex, colourful, and yet with a simplicity and charm, difficult to attain under comparable conditions." Excerpt from 'Handicrafts of India' by M.N Upadhyay.

Organic Bed Threads taps into such textile rich crafts of applique, hand embroidery and woodblock print to adorn our handmade bedlinen that are India's heritage & global comparative advantage. Despite that over the past 30 years, the number of Indian artisans has decreased by 30%, indicating the need to re-invest in artisans to safeguard history, culture and livelihood.

As a Western textile designer fascinated with ethnic design, I have always felt compelled to support the age-old handicrafts, that are in fear of dying out to mass production, so that these cultural gems can be sustained into future generations of textile (fashion, design and craft) trade. The answer: greater appreciation and conscious consumer purchasing power of ethical production is required to help revive these master handicrafts, which is (after agriculture) the largest source of income among rural populations.

If we contine to encourage fast fashion with our unconscious purchasing power, we may see handmade quality, womens groups and generations of master artisanal techniques lost in our lifetime as we have with animal, plant and tribal species due to our neglect.

Handmade is from the heart, made with integrity created to last and adds value to our own lives. Lets keep the handmade world alive.