5 Reasons Why Organic Bed Threads Only Produces With Certified Organic Cotton

on Tuesday, 19 April 2016.

5 reasons why we produce with GOTS1. Certified organic cotton reduces environmental hazards

While cotton only takes up only 2.4% of the world's farmland, it's estimated that cotton also accounts for nearly a quarter of the world's pesticide use. Certified organic cotton bans the use of synthetic pesticides and encourages crops to form a greater balance with the nature around them. Prohibiting pesticides also eliminates the risk of those substances finding their way into the water supply of the local population.

2. Certified organic cotton is of better quality than conventionally grown cotton

Numerous textile producers praise the virtues of using certified organic cotton as a raw material. The yarn and fabric produced from certified organic cotton tends to be more robust, durable, and lasting because it has not been treated with potentially caustic substances.

3. Certified organic cotton produces a better quality final product

Products made from certified organic cotton tend to be of higher quality than their conventional counterparts. Furthermore, because certified organic cotton is free from the pesticides and other chemicals used in conventional methods, those with skin sensitivities, like babies and children, can wear certified organic cotton products without worry.

4. Certified organic cotton provides economic benefits at all stages of the supply chain

A 2005 report published by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture found that Indian farmers who cultivated organic cotton increased their earnings when compared to families cultivating conventionally. This was driven both by the fact that, generally speaking, organic cotton tends to fetch higher prices on the market and that the certified organic cultivars had significantly lower production costs.

5. Certified organic cotton is easily traceable

One of the requirements of any organic certification scheme is to ensure that every production input can be traced back to its roots. Consumers of certified organic cotton products will always take comfort in knowing for certain where their products originated.