Bed Fashion for Global Change

on Monday, 27 March 2017.

bepartofsomethingbiggerWhen you purchase ethical fashion you're part of a movement for global change.

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GOTSGlobal Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), are the global accreditations Organic Bed Threads aligns with in bed linen production in India.


I stepped up as a designer, and you can too when you buy my ethical duvet covers. Our combined stance - mine and yours - supports the goals of a future free from chemicals, free from poverty and free from unfair trade.

Your conscious purchase ensures producers earn fair trade wages and work in safe environments. We in the West aspire for such 'obvious' God-given benefits, Organic Bed Threads takes the 'obvious' out of the equation, for there is massive assumption of what goes on on home turf, occurs in the East or in developing countries too; not so!

I am mightily encouraged by what can be achieved for the health of the planet when producing and buying with intent. Not just for apparel but fashion in the home - a place that houses the largest sized textiles. Home decor that gives back, now there's a novel idea!

Being part of something bigger means preservation of:

How fantastic is that via a simple purchase! World bed creations, made by communities who care, to be purchased by those who care. Do you? If so, #bethechange in your home, take a step in the right direction by visiting our eShop today. Together, lets make ethical bed fashion the next big thing.