Let's Talk Healthy Bed Linen for Kids

on Friday, 24 March 2017.

IMG 20170228 105233 598A pivitol documentary Organic Bed Threads witnessed about the lives of Indian cotton farmers and how the chemicals they spray on their generic crop impacts upon themselves, their families and their communities in the most destructive ways....one being the varying degrees of deformities, gave rise to us creating healthy bed linen so that the benefits could be far reaching beyond the consumer ~ from farmers and artisans children to yours.

Our aim is to transport young bodies (+ mums and dads dads too) nightly slumber to a whole new dimension. Telling them the truth of the origin of an Organic Bed Threads duvet cover is easy and inspirational night time story telling.

Tell them the crisp white chemical free organic cotton that covers them is grown on certifed farms for the benefit of the families of the farmers, the environment and their health.

Tell them that EVERY hand that helped create their doona cover is protected by fairtrade standards and that all workers are paid fairly for their creativity so their own children can remain in school and create their own wild visions for their future.

Tell them these creatives talk of children like yours. Tell your little ones that their entire family can be covered under heathly bed inen - scientifically, socially and consciously.

Tell them our true bed time stories of their respectfully handmade bedlinen that empowers sustainable textile working clusters in developing India... what more could you ask for in bedlinen?

We have made it easy for you buy the most gorgeous ethical duvet covers for you and your family. Our organic eShop sways your buying power into a more conscious one to encourage fair textile production in #respectforpeopleandplanet For one day your little ones may become a change maker. Crossing fingers and toes they will be.

For tonights bed time story, show your kiddies this video, so they have a greater understanding of the many processes of their own products. Kids love stories and their inevitable 'Why' and 'How' questions will sure to be a thrill for you as they grasp the values of what they own.