Tonight's Bedtime Story

on Friday, 24 March 2017.

Run out of story inspiration at bed time? Organic Bed Threads ethos is all about being transparent in our textile production and imparting education of how, who, what and why we produce ethical bed linen.

This great video, "Ask yourself before buying - will this be my best friend?" for children on where clothes come from and why we must slow down our buying (adults will find it worth a watch too!) illustrates a powerful message with their simple graphics that will inspire little and big minds.

*Video Credit Pikkukala "A Long Story Short - The what, where and how of your clothes."

Teach your children from an early age, the value of the many creative processes behind their products, with view to them respecting people and planet that will in turn promote their own socially responsible community.

Children love stories, they like learning about other cultures - what their counterpart 5 or 9 year old is doing in a developing country such as India (where we produce), what they eat, wear, learn at school. For tonights bed time story, show your kiddies this video, backed up with our ethical titbits, so they have a greater understanding of the many processes of their own products. Their inevitable 'Why' and 'How' questions will sure to be a thrill for you as they grasp the values of what they own.

From their heightened knowledge, they will fall in love with our gorgeous, pictorial handmade duvet covers. Cuddle up together in bed and shop guilt free for their new piece of bed art.

A few other ways to impart the vivid yet true tall tales is to extend the Christmas twist of quality over quantity, every day; and to view our moving story that helps shape the slow fashion process of our label. Take for example how a father told ethical tales of our bed linen to help set the sustainable fashion scene...

"As a recently separated father of two, a boy and girl, with little to no knowledge of bedding, I was recently in the market to buy new beds & linen. During the course of my research I found Organic Bed Threads and what they've done is incredible. Not only did I buy linen with amazing style and vibrant colours but it was wrapped in a story of authentic tradition and ethical integrity. Before purchasing my items I took my children through this brands' helpful creative cotton story video of its values and my children loved it and can't stop talking about it. They adore their duvet covers and have even talked about it at school during show and tell." This is a fantastic and supportive testimonial from one of our male conscious buyers who, like most fathers, loves to tell a yarn, luckily for us, it's all true.