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Price Drop - Our Doors Are Closing

on Wednesday, 19 April 2017.

pricesleavesWe have been squirreling away on your behalf, which means super savings for all family bed lovers. Our duvet cover prices are almost at cost price, these offers are ethically insane! Is that a double entendre?!? :) Our reason...we are closing our doors, unfortunately.

Our warehouse will close its doors on Thursday 4th May and the last dispatch will be Friday 5th May 2017. So hurry to get your incredible bed linen bargain:

  • We have discounted AU$154 - $227 on the smallest duvet cover for children to the largest covers for adults!
  • We now offer a very low international per item shipping rate of AU$20.
  • Plus further reductions for Australian buyers, GST is exempt.

While prices are quoted in Australian dollars in this blog, our eShop will automatically update to your country currency or simply click on the currency option at the top of the page.

The key to ethical fashion is to shop for your healthy, fair trade, organic and artisan handmade bed art with Organic Bed Threads. Easy pickings of gorgeous, reversible designs for all the family. And where are stunning duvet cover designs give back way more in honest and transparent nutritional label benefits.

Don't forget, you can make your life easier at our checkout using secure payments with PayPal and credit card on our website! Just scroll to the bottom of the page to sight the secure payment validation.

These are bespoke, one of a kind designs, we created to MOQ to comply with zero waste, chemical free and sustainable textile laws in respect for people and planet.

Want to own a part of ethical fashion homewares? Then come shop with us for a guilt free shopping experience.

Shiny, Happy People

on Friday, 24 March 2017.

IMG 20170317 143611 462As I travelled around India, seeking ethical production studio partners to align with, I witnessed incredibly heartbreaking scenes of hundreds of loney children wondering the streets aimlessly, begging at my rickshaw and car windows, sighting horrifying deformities and young girl's hipstered with dirty children (often not their own). I was told by my various Indian hosts that most of these at-risk children are abused and exploited in the world of pimping or slave labour - think Slumdog Millionaire. Dev Patel the brilliant emotive actor, portrays another real life character, Saroo Bierley, in a gritty, life affirming story of an little boy experiencing Indian hardships, who is separated from his rural family as a five year old child and lost for 25 years, in the beautifully heart mending film LION. Take tissues if you have not yet seen it.

As a new mum, Lisa, our breath of fresh air ethical bed linen model, can't imagine her first born, the new man in her life, navigating the harsh realities that over 80,000 children do in India each year, when they go missing. You can be the best parent in the world and still have your child run away or get lost in the park or supermarket.

In our humble ethical set up, we value the creative contribution that women give of their artisan skills and are in awe of them when they seek out employment to add an additional wage in support of their family. These ladies do have their hands full juggling all within their tight social parameters. It's not as easy for them to seek out child care help as it is for us. As part of the #LionHeart campaign, the movie is collaborating with extraordinary organizations, working on the ground to protect children in India and around the world. Your contribution will provide critical financial support to enable these organizations to do even more:

We design ethical bed linen to promote organic cotton, fairtrade and handmade production that in turn supports rural workers, artisan clusters and women's groups in India. Be a part of their life expression by buying one of their duvet cover creations to enhance more shiny, happy, loved and found people.