Misconceptions of Thread Counts

Our organic bedding and the vexing question of Thread Counts
The composition of Organic Bed Threads organic bedding fabrics is 200 thread count with a high quality Percale finish of single-ply.

What is the Thread Count?
Thread Count (TC) is the number of threads per square inch in the woven fabric of your cotton linen, most commonly used for sheet sets, doona/duvet sets and other specialty bedding.

Why is Thread Count so important?
Thread Count, and its determination, is actually one of the biggest and most confusing issues today for consumers.

While consumer reports have done an excellent job of monitoring bed linen products and trends, certain specifics have remained unanswered.

Did you know?

  • Standard cotton blends of cotton and Egyptian cotton imports from other countries don't necessarily meet or uphold the same thread count standards in your country?
  • Many either falsify thread counts or intentionally mislead consumers as to the actual thread count of their cotton linen products?
  • There is in fact a vast difference in how manufacturers are determining thread count for standard and Egyptian cotton bed linen?

The ply of the threads impacts the quality of the fabric
Manufacturers from Egypt, China, Portugal, India and other countries are standardly using 2-ply or multiple-ply threads and up to 4-ply, claiming the thread count of their Egyptian cotton sheets and doona/duvets covers to be double to quadruple what we consider to be the true value in the West.

And, while this may seem trivial on the surface level, the impact is substantial in the quality of product you are receiving.

Rather than using one single-ply, long yarn cotton or pure cotton fibre of excellence, the cheapest fibres are instead twisted together to create a longer 'thread'.

Organic single ply cotton is superior and lasts longer
100% organic single ply cotton and Egyptian cotton are the most superior of the cottons, the most expensive, and the most ethcially popular for use in sheet sets and doona/duvet covers.

Organic Bed Threads' certified organic cotton fabric composition makes it a stronger, more durable fabric. When cared for properly certified organic cotton linens last longer than conventional products.

We have extensive information on this subject, please email us info[at]organicbedthreads.com for our 'Thread Count' fact sheet to buying sheets.