Quality Control

Managing quality is a key role at Organic Bed Threads. We pride ourselves in producing high quality certified organic bed linen products for our customers. Shipments of products that are not up to our standards stop with us, oftentimes at considerable expense exness.

Quality control is a necessary and time-consuming process, and assessing each metre of fabric before we cut it, print or sew on it, wrap it and post it to you is a big commitment. But it means that we sleep well every night, knowing that our customers are happy. Whatever it is: flaws in the weave, significant printing or dyeing errors… we see them, so that you don’t have to worry about them.

Providing ‎handmade ‎bed linen to clientele who seek unique quality, that boarders near enough to perfection, is a demanding task. Handmade creations naturally have variations and flaws which characterise their individuality and uniqueness.

Organic Bed Threads supply bed linen products with a satisfaction guarantee exness thailand, which is ultimately a very subjective matter. The best news we can give our customers is that our auditing agency, OneCert Asia on behalf of GOTS, for the fabric itself is extremely high, without their benchmark, we would not be able to produce. Our own level of satisfaction (from design brief through to manufacturing process) is set extremely high and we are generally pretty fussy. We are tuned in to noticing the flaws and irregularities, so that you can order with confidence.

What kinds of flaws or irregularities would we be talking about?

Woodblock prints often have pronounced irregularities where the printer has not kept uniformity to the amount of dye on the block. Other times the printer has struggled to line up the blocks correctly, resulting in overlaps and gaps. Small gaps or overlaps don’t ruin the overall effect.

Another endearing variation is the subtle anomaly in machine embroidery, hand embroidery and applied applique work. Sewing and placement of designs are to the naked eye. Trust us and our seasoned artisans and encourage yourself to see the beauty in small handmade imperfections.

We reject obvious incongruent weaving slubs, pulls and tears, careless placement of woodblocks and poorly made woodblocks that would extend to regular smudging. Sometimes the woodblocks have just been badly made. Our Indian manufacturer is as finicky about quality control as we are. So there are many eyes roaming over the production phases.

When viewing product colours online they will vary depending on your monitor exness th, we cannot guarantee that the colours you view will be accurate. However our photographers and graphic designers ensure that there is as close a match to dye lots as possible.

Managing the distinction between saleable textiles with some variations, and non-saleable textiles is a tricky one, but it has to be considered, with each and every fabric, thread and dye order and production run. Whilst it is mostly seen with the eyes, it is acutely felt with the conscience. At Organic Bed Threads we quality control our textile products to satisfy our own fussiness and conscience, and this is what allows us to sleep well at night – knowing that our customers are happy and that they will return to buy more.

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If by any chance you receive a product with a flaw (going beyond the endearing artisan variations of handmade products), let us know and we will be happy to discuss the issue with you further.